Aurvana Live!2

Huipputarkka kuulokemikrofoni

Palkitun edeltäjänsä mukaan suunniteltu Creative Aurvana Live!2 tuottaa bassoltaan entistä napakamman todenmukaisen äänen. Kuulokkeiden 40 mm:n Bio-Cellulose-elementit takaavat virheettömän äänentoiston, kun taas laadukkaat, keinonahasta valmistetut, muistivaahdolla pehmustetut korvakupit eristävät ulkoiset äänet tehokkaasti. Ne ovat myös verrattoman mukavia käyttää pitkienkin käyttöjaksojen aikana.


Todenmukainen äänentoisto

Palkitun edeltäjänsä mukaan suunniteltu Creative Aurvana Live!2 tuottaa bassoltaan entistä napakamman todenmukaisen äänen. Kuulokkeiden 40 mm:n Bio-Cellulose-elementit takaavat virheettömän äänentoiston, kun taas laadukkaat, keinonahasta valmistetut, muistivaahdolla pehmustetut korvakupit eristävät ulkoiset äänet tehokkaasti. Ne ovat myös verrattoman mukavia käyttää pitkienkin käyttöjaksojen aikana.


Huipputarkka äänentoisto

Precise audio performance

Täsmällinen äänentoisto

Tarkkoihin, Bio-Cellulose-kalvoilla varustettuihin 40 mm:n Neodymium-elementteihin perustuva, huolellisesti viritetty Aurvana Live!2 tuottaa elävää esitystä vastaavan todenmukaisen äänen.

Kätevä toisto ja puhelut

Kuulokemikrofonin mukana toimitetaan laadukas, sotkeutumaton ja litteä äänikaapeli, jossa on älypuhelimen hallintaan tarkoitettu, johdossa olevalla mikrofonilla ja äänenvoimakkuussäädöllä varustettu yksipainikkeinen kaukosäädin. Kaapeli voidaan irrottaa säilytystä varten tai vaihtaa toiseen haluamaasi kaapeliin.

Convenient playback and calls

Suunniteltu käyttömukavuutta ajatellen

Unmatched comfort
Sophisticated design
Travel ready

Verraton käyttömukavuus

Laadukkaalla keinonahalla ja muistivaahdolla pehmustetut korvakupit takaavat verrattoman käyttömukavuuden pitkienkin käyttöjaksojen aikana.

Hienostunut muotoilu

Esteettisestä ja kevyestä Aurvana Live!2:sta on saatavilla kaksi näyttävää värivaihtoehtoa, ja sen kestävyyttä on parannettu metalliseoksesta valmistetulla pannalla.

Valmiina matkakäyttöön

Kokoontaitettavat korvakupit soveltuvat ihanteellisesti äänen valvontaan ja kätevään säilytykseen. Toimitukseen kuuluu myös kuljetusta helpottava pehmeä, mikrokuidusta valmistettu matkapussi.

Arvostelut (englanniksi)

  • Head-Fi

    The sound is lush and sparkly. I think if you loved the first Aurvana Live!, you’ll love the new version. Aurvana Live!2 took what Aurvana Live!’s good at and improved upon it.

    Aurvana Live!2


  • TwojePC

    Extremely comfortable, huge soundstage and just crazy amount of details. Very dynamic, clear and natural sound with warm signature. This makes them a fun headphones for every music lover. Superb value for money even considering the competition. For me it would be first and the only choice as a universal solution for home and outdoor.

    Aurvana Live!2


  • HeadMania

    I found almost everything to be better with the newer model, from details, bass, layering, soundstage, etc. I must say that it really impressed me in the soundstage department as it has a very well layered presentation. On some songs it really impressed me of how natural the sounds from the back layers come in front without blending with the other layers... At 130$ the Aurvana Live!2 has an excellent price/performance ratio. So, I think Creative strikes again, offering excellent performance at a very accessible price.

    Aurvana Live!2


  • theheadphonelist

    The Aurvana Live!2 delivers a warm and lush sound with plenty of bass and good clarity. It may not be the best headphone for accuracy, but it has the perfect consumer sound – warm, impactful, and smooth even at high volumes. It’s also one of my favorites for wearing comfort, thanks to the spacious ear cups and the extremely light weight and, as before, the price is right, with similarly-performing headphones from other big-name brands easily running into the $200 range and higher. The original Aurvana Live! is still a great choice, especially as it’s often discounted, but as a bassier option competing with the many enhanced-bass headphones on the market, the new Aurvana Live!2 has a lot going for it.

    Aurvana Live!2


  • Tech2

    Creative has paid very close attention to detail with the Aurvana Live!2 and the result is nothing short of amazing. The headphones feel very premium and are a joy to use for long hours thanks to its light weight. They are very comfortable, well put together and come with some nifty additions like the detachable cable and in-line controls.

    Aurvana Live!2


  • Hardwarezone

    Treble is accurate, vocals are clear, and musical instruments are fleshed out well with detail in both string instruments and percussion… Overall, we enjoyed our time with the Creative Aurvana Live! 2 headphones. It performs well on most genres of music, and just as importantly, is comfortable enough for long periods of wear, even if you’re on the go constantly.

    Aurvana Live!2


  • The Mobile Indian

    The Live! 2 offers a great frequency range 10Hz to 30 KHz and thereby deliver a great balanced sound still pushing the bass as the priority. With the PC, we barely had to adjust the sound equalizer. Listening to the Pop, Hip-Hop, Electro, Dance and Electronic Dance Music was sheer bliss using this earphone. That is when we found the bass was very controlled and give it required punch to the tracks. Vocals are pleasantly enjoyable and trebles were nice. Overall, we found that this pair manages to produce great audio details at both high and mid-range volume levels. Even at the mid-range, the details are not compromised despite of the controlled bass.

    Aurvana Live!2


  • TopTenGamer

    ... the new version is not only well-built and durable, but comfortable as well… Featuriung 40mm Neodymium magnet with composite Bio-Cellulose diaphragm drivers the Aurvana Live 2! pulls adequate sound from highs, good from mids, and excellent base.

    Aurvana Live!2



    …Quality of materials used is very good, as is the fit and finish. They are a well made product and using memory foam made for a comfortable fit. Also included is the soft carry case. I loved the fact that the Creative Aurvana Live 2 uses detachable cables. So if you ever get a short in the cable, all you have to do is replace the cable!

    Aurvana Live!2


  • PCMag

    The Creative Aurvana!2 delivers quality, clean audio with rich bass in a comfortable package.

    Aurvana Live!2


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Customer Reviews (In English)


    Great price for such a great headphone. When I first open the box I froze for a while because it was really beautiful, and when I first tried it on I couldn't believe what I was hearing! Clear sound with good bass!

  • T. Kian

    I am no audiophile but my ears can tell and appreciate the big difference my music sound with this Aurvana Live!2. One of my best buys this year!

  • Y. N. Zai

    I am not an audiophile expert. The sound from the CAL2 is crisp and bright. The bass is not boomy that it affects the mids and the highs are not ear piercing. The ear pad is soft and comfortable and the pressure is not too strong to cause headache while tight enough such that you can still tilt your head back without dropping the headphone. The flat wire is good as it does not get entangled easily. The build in microphone is a plus point. Overall this is a nice and trendy headset suitable for all ages.

  • T. Dutta

    The headphones delivery superior quality sound and is lightweight to wear. The look and build is also trendy and attractive. It is absolutely worth the money I spent.

  • I. Raper

    Nicely made, comfortable, "quality" product. Excellent sound, detailed, controlled with great separation. Firm, "Colourful" base without being over-bearing. Very efficient, absolutely no need for a headphone amp. Performance exceeds price point.

  • K. S. Lim

    Superb headphones!

  • M. Trad

    Excellent design. The headset looks elegant and sturdy. It's light weight makes for a comfortable experience even when worn for extended periods. The cable is detachable (a huge plus in my opinion) and has a decent volume control. The only improvement I can think of is if the cable were maybe half a meter longer. The sound quality is superb. Everything sounds crisp and clear. From a company such as Creative, I have come to expect a high level of quality and cutting edge technology. The Creative Aurvana Live! 2 does not disappoint.

  • C. Geater

    Great set of ear phones, really quite impressive. Fairly basic in looks with the impression that they are a bit plastic but any apprehension quickly passes once you put them on and listen to some of your favorite music. Good treble definition and deep bass. Comfortable on the ears, very convenient to have the phone answering and chatting feature. For the price these are hard to beat and would satisfy most listeners.

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